Case Study of Implementation of Information System in Tourism

  • Jaro Berce
Conference paper


Information technology (IT) is a fast growing field and thus becomes a backbone tool for services used in tourism industry. More and more demanding tourists are no longer satisfied only with natural resources but they seek more active leisure. To set-up a modern condition with information technology support in tourism, one should bear in mind that preparative phase is immensely important. Organizational and system structure, users knowledge of information technology, achieved information paths, as well as financial side are crucial components, too. Information systems already in use (not all computerised) should be thoroughly reviewed. Setting the basic tree structure of data to represent all tourism information and upholding fast retrieval are challenges to be carefully followed. User-friendliness, multi-media, INTERNET milieu, etc. are certainly ambitious goals, which cannot be overlooked.


Tourism Industry Reservation System Network Server Provider Professional User Financial Side 
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