Three-Body Force Effects in Three-Nucleon Systems

What was achieved by the study of three-nucleon bound states?
  • Tatuya Sasakawa
Conference paper
Part of the Few-Body Systems book series (FEWBODY, volume 6)


Calculated low energy physical quantities, such as the D/S ratio of the asymptotic normalization constants of 3H and 3He, the E1 photo absorption cross section, correlate linearly with the calculated bindinces. The p(\(\vec d\), γ)3He analyzing power indicates that AV14 is only favorable realistic 2NP. For AV14 as 2NP and 3NP with Λπ= 0.81GeV and Λρ= 1.13GeV, we get BE of 3H(3He)=8.485(7.725)MeV,[experimentally, 8.482(7.718)MeV,), taking account of CIB,CSB and Coulomb effects in the 52 channel Faddeev equation. We also get \((\text{GT})/\surd 3=0.955\) (Exp. 0.961) for the triton beta-decay by consistent calculations of the wave functions of 3H and3He, as well as the exchange current with above Λπ and Λρ.


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