ESQL: An Extended SQL with Object and Deductive Capabilities

  • Georges Gardarin
  • Patrick Valduriez


ESQL is an SQL upward-compatible database language that integrates in a uniform and clean way the essential concepts of relational, object-oriented and deductive databases. ESQL is intended for traditional data processing applications as well as more complex applications such as large expert systems. Therefore, ESQL’s salient features are: a rich and extendible type system based on abstract data types (ADTs) implemented in various programming languages; complex objects with object sharing by combining generic ADTs and object identity; the capability of querying and updating relations containing simple or complex objects using SQL-compatible syntax and semantics; and a DATALOG-like deductive capability provided as an extension of the SQL view mechanism.


Complex Object Query Optimization Deductive Database Object Identifier Abstract Data Type 
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  • Georges Gardarin
    • 1
  • Patrick Valduriez
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  1. 1.INRIALe Chesnay-CédexFrance

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