Logics and OO-Data Bases:a declarative approach

  • I. Ramos


Three perspectives are adopted in the paper to define the Object Oriented (OO) Paradigm: the General System Theory principles adapted to Information Systems (IS) [1], the Abstract Object Types (AOT) or Objectual Logic (OBLOG) [2] and clausal or equational logics. In this approach the OO-Data Base (OO-DB) specification (the system view of Conceptual Scheme (CS)) is a formal theory in this blend of logics. Its model is the OO-DB extension. Two Object Definition Languages (ODL) are implemented: FMOL and RMOL. Two first order languages used as User Languages (UL) are associated with them. The operational semantics of the underlaying logic (implemented by deduction) together with some software sugar constitutes an OO-DB Management System.


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  1. 1.Dept.Information Systems and ComputationValencia University of TechnologyValenciaSpain

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