Application of hybrid expert systems in Computer Integrated Manufacturing

  • Henk de Swaan Arons
  • Eric-Paul Jansen


Delfi3 is a knowledge engineering environment which integrates a number of advanced knowledge representation and inference techniques such as a semantic net of objects and relations, a knowledge representation language and a backward/forward chaining interpreter for production rules. Delfi3 is a uniform and transparent system.

Delfi3’s capabilities are very well suited to applications in CIM. Its knowledge bases are stored in modules which are separately compiled, can be stored in libraries and can be loaded very fast by various applications. Furthermore, it can be integrated with external databases and application software.

Delfi3 has partly been developed in the Esprit project 809 Advanced Control Systems and Concepts in Small Batch Manufacturing and is being used in Esprit project 2415 Distributed Manufacturing, Planning and Control.

In this paper some applications in CIM arc outlined and it is explained how these will benefit of Delfi3’s capabilities.


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  • Henk de Swaan Arons
    • 1
  • Eric-Paul Jansen
    • 1
  1. 1.Faculty of Applied Mathematics and InformaticsDelft University of TechnologyThe Netherlands

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