A Tool Kit for Knowledge Based Production Planning Systems

  • Stefan Böttcher


This paper describes the logic programming language PROTOS-L and how to use it as a tool kit for the programming of knowledge based production planning system prototypes. PROTOS-L embeds transparent access to relational databases, supports the programming of deductive databases, provides a module concept similar to Modula-2 and contains a type concept with subtypes and polymorphism. The programming language PROTOS-L and the PROTOS-L system have been developed and implemented at IBM Stuttgart. PROTOS-L is currently used to reinsplement parts of production planning systems which have been developed at Sandoz AG in Basel and at Hoechst AG in Frankfurt. The investigated production planning applications need an integration of both concepts: read access to relational databases (which contain the relevant planning data) and a logic programming language for the implemention of heuristic rules (whirls control the planning strategy). In order to support both facilities, PHOTOS-L fully embeds database access into a logic programming language.


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  • Stefan Böttcher
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  1. 1.Institute for Knowledge Based SystemsIBM Deutschland GmbH Scientific CenterStuttgart 80West Germany

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