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Effects of X-Irradiation on Guinea Pig Brain

An Electronmicroscopical and Histochemical Study
  • Werner Lierse
  • Herbert D. Franke


Our previous studies have shown that X-irradiation of guinea pig brain results in an initials increase of pinocytosis in capillary endothelium and brain edema during the first hours and days (Franke & Lierse, 1995). The purpose of this study was to ascertain whether this edema persists and/or other changes develop in the capillaries in the next six months. Klatzo, et al. (1961, 1962), Miquel, et al. (1963), have demonstrated that the permeability of the rat brain capillaries increases and that at the same time the metabolism of carbohydrates is disturbed. We found accumulation of glycogen as well as mucopolysaccharides in the brain of guinea pigs.


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  • Werner Lierse
  • Herbert D. Franke

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