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Brain Edema Induced by Particle and Ultraviolet Radiation

  • Jaime Miquel
  • Webb Haymaker


Interest in the study of experimental brain edema has stimulated the development of a variety of edema-producing techniques. Among others, extradurally inflated balloons (Ishii, et al.), and freezing of the cortex (Bakay & Haque; Clasen, et al., 1957, 1962; Klatzo, et al., 1958; Pappius & Gulatti), have been used in an effort to elucidate the pathogenesis of traumatic brain edema. Although, since Rachmanov’s observations in 1926 radiation has been known to produce brain permeability disturbances, and although an edematous process following irradiation has been demonstrated, there has been no study directed at utilizing radiation-induced injury as a “model” for the study of pathogenesis of brain edema or of the effectiveness of therapy. This is rather surprising since radiation offers unsurpassed versatility in the production of brain lesions in any area or depth desired. Brain edema reproducible with great uniformity should be easily achieved by the simple expedient of exposing the brain of a series of animals to identical radiation dosage. These considerations prompted us to undertake the present study on rat and cat brain edema induced by particle and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.


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  • Jaime Miquel
  • Webb Haymaker

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