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Brain Extracellular Space as Measured by Diffusion of Various Molecules into Brain

  • W. W. Oppelt
  • D. P. Rall


There is currently controversy as to the extent of extracellular space (ECS) in the brain. Estimates of brain ECS range from 0–5% as reported from electron micrographs (Farquhar & Hartmann, 1957; Gershenfeld, et al., 1959; Horstmann & Meves, 1959; Maynard, et al., 1957; Schultz, et al., 1957; DeRobertis, 1962), to 50% when one equates in vitro sodium or chloride spaces to brain ECS (Manery & Bale, 1941; Elliott & Jasper, 1949).


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