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Edema in Peripheral Nerves

  • J. Escolá
  • W. Krücke
  • E. Thomas
Conference paper


In 1922 Bielschowsky and Valentin, and later Denny-Brown, etal., (1945), described in detail the morphological changes in locally frozen nerves. Edema and “Seröse Entzündung” was considered by Krücke (1941) tobe an essential first step towards “Mukoide Degeneration” and “Bindegewebige Sklerosierung” of the nerve. Decrease of birefringence of the myelin sheath due to low temperature was observed by Tomity and Csillik (1964).


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  • J. Escolá
  • W. Krücke
  • E. Thomas

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