Industrial Kiln Multivariable Control: MNN and RBFNN Approaches

  • B Ribeiro
  • A Dourado
  • E Costa


Artificial neural networks have been recognized as a valuable framework for nonlinear identification and control. In this paper we discuss and compare the use of two types of neural network arquitectures (1) MNN (Multilayer Neural Network) and (2) RBFNN (Radial Basis Function Neural Network) for modelling a second order nonlinear chemical process — a lime kiln in the pulp and paper industry. The simulation results showed that MNN performs better in this practical case. Therefore, it was used in an IMC (Internal Model Control) strategy. The neurocontroller was analysed with regards to performance and robustness against disturbances.


Radial Basis Function Input Space Inverse Model Radial Basis Function Neural Network Radial Basis Function Network 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • B Ribeiro
    • 1
  • A Dourado
    • 1
  • E Costa
    • 1
  1. 1.CISUC — Centro de Informática e SistemasUniversidade de CoimbraCoimbraPortugal

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