The Concrete Arch Dam

An Evolutionary Model of the Design Process
  • I. C. Parmee


The Plymouth Engineering Design Centre (PEDC) is one of the seven Science and Engineering Research Council funded Design Centres that have been established at various academic institutions within the UK. The initial aim of the PEDC is to carry out fundamental research into the application of adaptive search techniques to engineering design. The following paper describes the application of the adaptive search technique known as the Genetic Algorithm (GA) to the multi-variable problems associated with the design of a double curvature Concrete Arch Dam.

The evolutionary characteristics of the Algorithm and their relevance to the designer are briefly described and the main features of the Arch Dam design geometry are defined. The development of an interactive designer / GA design tool and problems concerning the integration of related design aspects are discussed.

The current status of the project is considered and further work at the Centre involving the application of the Genetic Algorithm to other engineering design domains is outlined.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • I. C. Parmee
    • 1
  1. 1.Plymouth Engineering Design CentreUniversity of PlymouthPlymouthUK

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