Comparison of efficiency of bambuterol and salmeterol

  • Olof Selroos
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The once-daily oral bronchodilator bambuterol and the twice-daily inhaled bronchodilator salmeterol have been compared in only a few studies. In placebo-controlled studies, both bronchodilators have been found clinically effective and with few side-effects. In a double-blind, randomized 6-week parallel-group study in 117 patients with nocturnal asthma and using inhaled or oral steroids, no difference was found in efficacy between bambuterol 20 mg once daily in the evening and salmeterol 50 µg b.i.d. (morning and evening PEF, nocturnal awakenings). Similar results were seen in a double-blind, crossover study in 12 patients comparing 10 mg bambuterol in the evening with salmeterol 50μg in the evening for 2 weeks each. In a small, double-blind crossover study in 15 patients with reversible airway obstruction, bambuterol 20 mg once daily in the morning was compared with placebo for one week each. The patients were thereafter treated openly for one week with 50 μg salmeterol b.i.d. In steady state, on day 8, the 12- and 24-hour FEV1 values and the maximum FEV1 values were not significantly different after treatment with bambuterol or salmeterol. No differences in side-effects were seen. Further comparative double-blind, controlled studies are warranted.


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