Virtual Housing System

  • Junji Nomura
Conference paper
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This report is a description of a software application to construct a whole house or living space in a virtual world and to experience it through the application of virtual reality technology. In the virtual house we can preview the appearance, convenience, safety, comfort level, and other factors such as temperature, air flow, and outside noise by using results from simulations. For developing the virtual housing system, four major goals have been defined. These goals are to keep the graphics drawing speed at better than 10 frames/sec. (which we call real time animation), to use texture-mapping on almost all surfaces in the house where texturing with applicable, to develop a user interface to check the house’s utility, and to use a multi display large screen environment in which more than 30 people can participate at the same time. This virtual housing system is a subsystem of the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) project called “Housing Development Project for the 21st Century”.


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  • Junji Nomura
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  1. 1.Virtual Reality R & D Group, Information System CenterMatsushita Electric Works, Ltd.Kadoma, OsakaJapan

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