Metabolite Sensing and Regulatory Points of Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolic Pathways and Partitioning in Plants

  • Guo-Hua Miao
Part of the Plant Gene Research book series (GENE)


Increased yield and quality improvement of harvested tissues or organs of economically important crop plants are two major goals of plant breeders. Crop yield is determined by multiple genetic and environmental factors, among these selective increase in partitioning of photoassimilates to harvested tissues or organs is of major importance (Gifford et al., 1984). Over the past few decades the yield of major crop plants has been improved substantially. However, further improvements can be made to achieve the genetic yield potential of major crop plants (Gifford et al., 1984; Thorne, 1985; Knight and Langston-Unkefer, 1988). Improvement in grain quality, composition and the relative distribution of storage compounds have also received increased attention over the last few years. Although conventional breeding practices will continue to play a vital role in crop improvement, plant metabolic engineering through biotechnology has the great potential of producing future crops with better quality and higher yield.


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