Signal Transducing Proteins in Plants: an Overview

  • Zhenbiao Yang
Part of the Plant Gene Research book series (GENE)


Living organisms have evolved various mechanisms for the modulation of specific cellular or metabolic processes in response to specific extracellular signals. These regulatory mechanisms generally involve a cascade of biochemical events called signal transduction pathways. Based on a number of well-characterized signal transduction pathways in animal systems, a paradigm of signaling mechanisms primarily consisting of transmembrane receptors, GTP-binding proteins, second messengers, and protein kinases has been established. Signal transduction pathways conforming to this paradigm are found in various eukaryotes as diverse as fungi and mammals. The conservation of these mechanisms raises the possibility that signal transduction pathways in plants may also follow this signaling paradigm. Indeed, recent studies using biochemical, molecular and genetic approaches have revealed the existence and physiological function of many conserved signaling proteins in plants. The genetic approach has also led to the discovery of several novel plant regulatory proteins. The purpose of this chapter is to provide a comprehensive review on structure and function of both conserved and novel plant signaling proteins with emphasis on their role in signal transduction controlling specific developmental processes in plants. This review is not intended to be exhaustive but rather to reflect the major themes of the exciting research in the area of plant signal transduction.


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