Methodological Desirability of Theoretical Concepts

  • Raimo Tuomela
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To introduce (new) theoretical concepts into a scientific theory means to enlarge the conceptual basis of the theory. In the cases of radical conceptual change either no old concepts are retained or they change their meanings to a great extent (cf. Kuhn (1962), Feyerabend (1965)). Especially in such cases conceptual change may involve an essentially new way of conceptualizing and modelling the world so that the interpretation and even the structure of the observational basis or data-basis of science is changed. This view is quite compatible with what we have said about the theory ladenness of scientific concepts, even if we will mostly deal with less radical forms of conceptual change in this book. Furthermore, we may recall that in any case conceptual change involves some growth of science, both with respect to its theoretical and its observational content (in our sense of these terms).


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