The chiroptical techniques optical rotatory dispersion (o. r. d.) and circular dichroism (c. d.) have now been used by organic chemists for about twenty years. During this time the pace of development has been governed largely by the instrumentation available, which has evolved from manually recording instruments and measurements made over a limited spectral range to sophisticated automatic instruments covering the entire visible and near u. v. regions of the spectrum, 800–185 nm. Most papers which include the words o. r. d. or c. d. in the title deal with fundamental aspects of the subject. As well as the theory of optical activity, these include the study of new chromophores, and of the relationship between the observed Cotton effects (CE) and the underlying electronic transitions, also the formulation and testing of empirical and semi-empirical rules which relate the sign and magnitude of the CE to the geometry of the molecule. Detailed references may be found from the main textbooks and monographs on the subject (64, 82, 83, 92, 333) and from the published proceedings of conferences and symposia (51, 74, 256, 297).


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