The Antecedents of Disorder Communication

  • John Antony Michael Martin
Part of the Disorders of Human Communication book series (DISORDERS, volume 4)


In human society language and communication are so closely interrelated that one might be forgiven for thinking the two are synonymous, but this is far from being the case. Individuals with normally developed linguistic skills may be singularly uncommunicative, showing little desire or perhaps ability to share ideas, thoughts and needs with those around them, and restricting their speech to the minimum which enables them to do their work, travel and buy what purchases they choose. At the other extreme there are children who though quite unable to talk, and with no “inner” verbal language at their disposal, are astonishingly effective in communicating with those around. In doing so they resort to all the various devices at their disposal, including the use of voice, facial expression, hand gesture and mime, and general bodily activity.


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