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The Aims of the Academy

  • Hans Werner Pia
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Part of the Acta Neurochirurgica Supplementum book series (NEUROCHIRURGICA, volume 38)


Modern neurosurgery started at the end of the last century and was developed in the first three to four decades of this century. It was established as a speciality in individual countries during the first two decades after the second World War. Neurosurgery has undergone previously unforseeable development in the last two decades. Imaging techniques, microsurgery, laser, ultrasound and techniques of intensive care have revolutionised diagnosis and treatment. Our present concern is no longer directed to mortality as in the past, but to morbidity, to the avoidance of deficits and sequelae of neurosurgical treatment. The modern neurosurgeon reaches for areas of the central nervous system which previously were considered untouchable. Great men and pioneers of our generation, and the extraordinary increase in the number of international congresses and special symposia have contributed to the rapid spread of the new discoveries and developments. Not only the younger generation of surgeons, but also older neuro-surgeons may have gained the impression that almost everything has become possible and the object has become more important than the subject—the individual patient. It is this which has given us such cause for concern.


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