External Compression

  • Bernard George
  • Claude Laurian


External compression of the cervical V. A. is certainly not as common as stenotic or occlusive disease due to atherosclerosis, but the number of patients affected by various causes of V. A. compression is probably underestimated. In fact, except for osteophytic spurs, other causes of V.A. compression are not widely known. Moreover, most clinicians are unaware of the pathophysiology, symptomatology, methods of diagnosis and efficient forms of treatment. At the same time, cervical arthritis is frequently evoked as an easy way to explain vertigo, dizziness or other subjective symptoms; this attitude generally leads to symptomatic medical therapy with variable results. Moreover, as symptoms are essentially subjective and the neurologic exam usually normal, a diagnosis of functional or psychosomatic origin is not uncommon.


Cervical Spondylosis External Compression Fibrous Band Transverse Canal Anterior Scalenus Muscle 
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