The Monte Carlo Simulation

  • Carlo Jacoboni
  • Paolo Lugli
Part of the Computational Microelectronics book series (COMPUTATIONAL)


The Monte Carlo method, as applied to charge transport in semiconductors, consists of a simulation of the motion of one or more electrons inside the crystal, subject to the action of external forces due to applied electric and magnetic fields and of given scattering mechanisms [1–4]. The durations of the carrier free flights between two successive collisions and the scattering events involved in the simulation are selected stochastically in accordance with some given probabilities describing the microscopic processes. As a consequence, any Monte Carlo method relies on the generation of a sequence of random numbers with given distribution probabilities. Such a technique takes advantage of the fact that nowadays any computer generates sequences of random numbers evenly distributed between 0 and 1 at a sufficiently fast rate. The generation of random variables with any distribution, starting from random numbers evely distributed between 0 and 1, is discussed in Appendix B.


Drift Velocity Pauli Exclusion Principle Free Flight Intervalley Scattering Ensemble Monte Carlo 
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