The Intraarterial Route of Drug Delivery in the Chemotherapy of Malignant Brain Tumours

  • F. Loew
  • L. Papavero
Part of the Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery book series (NEUROSURGERY, volume 16)


This review is based on literature data and own experiences in 79 patients with malignant brain tumours using intraarterial delivery of cytostatic agents as adjuvant therapy. A survey is given of the pharmacological rationale of this therapeutic approach, of the drugs which have been used and of the related experimental and clinical experiences. Advantages and limitations are discussed and clinical conclusion drawn.

Experience so far suggests that in anaplastic astrocytomas and oligodendrogliomas intraarterial ACNU might be as effective as intravenous BCNU against the tumours but causes less systemic side-effects.


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internal carotid artery




middle cerebral artery




median survival time


median time to tumour progression




molecular weight


octanol/water partition coefficient




quantitative autoradiography


ratio of drug delivery by arterial compared to venous infusion


relationship between the ratio of the pharmacological effects by arterial compared to venous infusion


somatosensory evoked potentials


transcranial doppler ultrasound


transient ischaemic attack








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