Regulation of Gene Expression During Seed Germination and Postgerminative Development

  • John J. Harada
  • Robert A. Dietrich
  • Lucio Comai
  • Catherine S. Baden
Part of the Plant Gene Research book series (GENE)


Seed germination is a pivotal stage in the sporophytic life cycle of higher plants during which growth and differentiation of the primary plant body resumes following a period of quiescence imposed late in embryogeny. Many of the specific biochemical and physiological processes which characterize germinating seeds, particularly those occurring in storage organs, are unique to this stage (reviewed by Bewley and Black, 1983, and summarized below). From the viewpoint that differential gene expression underlies plant development, the relative specificity of these processes suggests that distinct gene sets are activated and repressed during this stage. Identifying these genes and defining mechanisms involved in regulating their expression will aid in understanding the control of germination-specific processes.


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  • Robert A. Dietrich
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  • Lucio Comai
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  • Catherine S. Baden
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