Structure and Expression of Plant Genes Encoding Pathogenesis-Related Proteins

  • John F. Bol
Part of the Plant Gene Research book series (GENE)


In the early seventies Van Loon and Van Kammen (1970) and Gianinazzi et al (1970) independently reported the de novo synthesis of four proteins in tobacco plants reacting hypersensitively to infection with tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). Later on, six additional components specific to TMVinfected tobacco were identified (Pierpoint et al, 1981; Van Loon, 1982). Initially, these proteins were called “new components” or “b-proteins”. The name “pathogenesis-related” proteins, or PRs, was proposed by Antoniw et al (1980) to permit the grouping of similar proteins from different tobacco cultivars. The ten PR proteins induced by TMV-infection of the Nicotiana tabacum cultivars Samsun NN and Xanthi nc have been characterized in most detail. These are designated 1 a (IV, b 1), lb (III, b2), 1c (II, b3), 2 (I, b4), N (b5), O (b6), P (b7), Q (b8), R (b9) and S in order of decreasing mobility in alkaline, non-denaturing gels (the notation given between parentheses is no longer commonly used). Proteins similar to one or more of these PRs have been detected in other Nicotiana species such as N. debneyi, N. glutinosa, N. rustica, N. sylvestris and N. tomentosiformis (Ahl and Gianinazzi, 1982; Ahl et al., 1982).


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