Indications for Surgery in the Management of Gliomas

  • F. Cohadon
Part of the Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery book series (NEUROSURGERY, volume 17)


The conventional wisdom among neurosurgeons and oncologists is that gliomas are not curable by surgery—nor by any other therapeutic approach—and yet that surgical resection is a necessary step in their treatment. It is not our intention to challenge this opinion, but to illustrate its daily application in the vast variety of individual gliomas in individual patients. If surgery were curative, the indication would be rather straightforward: we should only have to weigh the risks against the certainty of the cure. Surgery being palliative, its indication ought to be more carefully assessed: what does palliation mean in this patient? At what cost, to what extent and for how long will the disease be controlled? It is the aim of this paper to analyze possible answer to these questions leading to the decision for or against surgery in an individual patient presenting with a likely diagnosis of glioma.


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