Posttraumatic Cerebellar Contusions and Hematomas

  • J. W. Glowacki
Part of the Advances in Neurotraumatology book series (NEUROTRAUMATOL., volume 3)


Cerebellar contusions and hematomas result from local trauma to the occipital area, mainly from hitting a solid object with the back of the head and from occipital blows. But the protection of the cerebellum by the strong musculature of the neck, the massive bone with smooth and regular internal contours, the elastic tentorium of the cerebellum and the “fluid cushions” of the fourth ventricle and subarachnoid cisterns make up a “buffer” significantly reducing the amount of energy delivered at the moment of impact. Therefore cerebellar lesions are significantly less common than lesions of the cerebral hemispheres.


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