• J.-F. Hirsch
  • E. Hoppe-Hirsch
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Medulloblastoma is a highly malignant cerebellar tumour which was identified as an entity by Bailey and Cushing in 19255. They reported the clinical and pathological features of 29 patients, most of them children, who had a cerebellar tumour, usually located in the cerebellar vermis. Actually the paper prepared by Bailey and Cushing for presentation to the 50th annual meeting of the American Neurological Association in June 1924 was entitled “spongioblastoma”. However Globus and Strauss had already submitted a paper in which they described another type of tumour that they called “spongioblastoma multiforme”45. After discussion between the four authors, it was decided that the cerebellar tumour described by Bailey and Cushing would be called medulloblastoma. The medulloblast was considered as an embryonic cell which, different from spongioblasts and neuroblasts, was however able to differentiate along both lines. The authors considered the tumour as a glioma and thought that most of its cells were potential glia although some of them were potential neurons. Controversies surrounding the histogenesis of the tumour date back to this original concept and are reflected to day in the discussions about nomenclature: should medulloblastomas be considered as primitive neuroectodermal tumours?


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