1st European Methadone Conference Opening Remarks

  • M. W. Parrino
Conference paper


The American Methadone Treatment Association is working to educate the public about methadone maintenance treatment. It is hoped that the recently published State Methadone Treatment Guidelines will bring greater stability for the treatment system of the United States. We will continue to work in conjunction with researchers and policy officials to improve treatment techniques. We will also continue to work with our International colleagues so that opiate users will be able to access good quality methadone treatment whenever they need access to such care. The decade of the 1990s will be critical for methadone maintenance treatment as new medications are made available at the program site. The Association will continue to organize methadone treatment providers throughout the United States to ensure greater program stability in the uncertain future of National Health Care reform and limited fiscal resources.

I would like to conclude by thanking my colleagues for their gracious invitation, which allowed me to share the perspectives of the American Methadone Treatment Association with the Conferees in Pisa. We will continue to work with you in creating a better future for methadone maintained patients and their families.


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