Information Drill-down using Web Tools

  • Mikael Jern
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The paper reviews the Information Visualization and interaction techniques needed to add another dimension to surfing the Web, Information drilling and interactive data querying, sometimes also referred to as Visual Data Mining. Information Visualization can be used to explore relationships by drilling down and retrieving more data within a region of interest in the visualized data, combining data mining, direct manipulation and data visualization with 3D Web tools. It is now possible to create desktop visualization applications that let users interact with databases with larger datasets over the network using both 2D and 3D interaction metaphors. The VRML standard allows users to view and navigate through 3D information data worlds and hyperlink to new worlds. Information drilling based on HTML’s Image Map, VRML’s anchor node and multiple predefined viewpoints will be explained and demonstrated. The image map in 2D and 3D graphics objects (glyphs etc) will represent the Visual User Interface to the information stored in the database. Also the advantages of using distributed component techniques based on plug-ins, Java Beans and ActiveX providing client-side data manipulation will be reviewed and illustrated. Over the next couple of years, we shall see 3D visualization evolve in giant steps into interactive data drilling on the Web providing visualization technology closely integrated with the data warehouse and multidimensional abstract and geospatial data models.


Client Side Information Visualization Thin Client Common Gateway Interface Visual Data Mining 
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