The NPS Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simulation (MOVES) Program — Entertainment Research Directions

  • Michael Zyda
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The National Research Council report entitled ”Modeling and Simulation — Linking Entertainment and Defense” described a basic and applied research agenda applicable to both the virtual reality and entertainment research communities. The Naval Postgraduate School has developed an educational and research program in support of the report’s agenda with foci on technologies for immersion (low-cost 3D image generation, spatial tracking, game platform utilization, multimodal sensory presentation), networked simulation (high bandwidth networks, dynamically extensible network software architectures, area of interest management, techniques for latency reduction, standards for interoperability), and computer-generated autonomy (agent-based simulation, adaptability, learning, human behavior representations). In the presentation, we examine the future of networked entertainment and its requirements also useful for modeling, virtual environments and simulation. We then look at some particular efforts being carried out by the Naval Postgraduate School’s Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation (MOVES) Academic Group.


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