Pion Decay of Heavy-Light Mesons

  • D.-O. Riska
Conference paper
Part of the Few-Body Systems book series (FEWBODY, volume 14)


As single pions do not couple to heavy flavor quarks, the pion decay rates of excited heavy-light flavor mesons to their ground states provide direct information on the coupling of pions to light-flavor constituent quarks. The present empirical widths rates of excited D-mesons are satisfactorily described by the chiral quark model, where the pion coupling is determined by the axial coupling of the light flavor quarks. The reaction D s * D s π 0 provides information on the η-meson coupling to strange constituent quarks, as it is mediated by π0 - η mixing.


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  • D.-O. Riska
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  1. 1.Helsinki Institute of Physics and Department of Physical SciencesUniversity of HelsinkiFinland

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