Functional Analysis, Function Norms and Control Signals

  • Alexander Weinmann


Consider a function f with the value f(t) at a certain instant t and assume that the integral of the pth power of the absolute value |f(t)| exists within a region R. Then, this function f is said to be within the function space (or set of functions) Lp(R). In most cases, R is given by an interval [to, ∞). The function norm ∥If∥p of the entire function f is defined by
$${\left\| f \right\|_p} \buildrel \Delta \over = {\left[ {\int_R {{{\left| {f(t)} \right|}^p}} dt} \right]^{1/p}}{\rm{ }}\forall p \in \left[ {1,\infty )} \right.$$


Function Space Hardy Space Linear Quadratic Regulator Holder Inequality Infinity Norm 
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