Desensitizing Control

  • Alexander Weinmann


Consider the plant
$${\rm{\dot x(t) = A(p)x(t) + B(p)u(}}t){\rm{B}} \in {R^{nxm}},{\rm{p}} \in {{\rm{R}}^{{n_p}}}$$
where A(p) and B(p) are matrix-valued functions of a slowly varying parameter vector p. Hence, x(t) depends on p . The subscript 0 denotes the nominal values. Assume that a quadratic performance has to be minimized
$$I = \int_0^\infty {[{x^T}(t)Qx(t) + {{\rm{u}}^T}} (t){\rm{Ru}}(t)]dt$$
and the optimal control variable u(t) is
$${{\rm{u}}^ \star }(t) = Kx(t) = - {R^{ - 1}}{B_0}Px(t)$$


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