Rigorous Microscopic Drift-Diffusion Theory and its Applications to Nanostructures

  • M. Orlowski
Conference paper


A recently proposed approach [1] to describe rigorously diffusion and diffusion-related reactions on arbitrary networks in terms of elementary jumps has been extented to include drift-diffusion capability. The method is based on combined density function approach to diffusion and on an adjacency matrix concept used in graph theory. The new method allows flexible and selective mixing of drift and diffusion on any two-dimensional domain of arbitrary outer and inner geometry. In particular, partial identity rank 4 tensors are introduced to allow preservation of results of previous operations not affected by the subsequent mechanisms. As an application it is shown that switching-off behavior of currents depends sensitively on the domain geometry.


Electron Distribution Rectangular Channel Diffusion Profile Tensor Element Drift Field 
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  1. [1]
    Marius Orlowski, IEDM’92 Proceedings, p.161, San Francisco, 1992Google Scholar

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  1. 1.Advanced Products Research and Development LaboratoryMotorola Inc.AustinUSA

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