T2CAD: Total Design for Sub-um Process and Device Optimization with Technology-CAD

  • Hiroo Masuda


“T2CAD (Total-Technology-CAD)” is proposed as an application technology of process & device simulators, which provides useful and important data for VLSI process design and optimization. It includes (1) reliability & accuracy of TCAD simulations and (2) process and device optimization method with TCAD, as well as (3) application methodology to VLSI chip design. A sub-um CMOS technology for Mega-bit DRAMs has been optimized based on T2CAD.


Drain Current Dynamic Random Access Memory Total Design Device Optimization Gate Oxide Thickness 
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  • Hiroo Masuda
    • 1
  1. 1.Hitachi, Ltd.Ome-shi, TokyoJapan

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