Drug induced sensory neuropathies

  • E. Sluga
  • M. Graf
  • T. Paternostro-Sluga
  • W. Grisold
  • B. Mamoli
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Drug induced neuropathies are mostly sensory-motor with a considerable number of predominantly sensory type (Fig. 1). Among the causative agents for sensory neuropathies (SN) cytostatics are at the top, followed by very differently acting and used substances like for instance almitrine, a bronchodilatator, the antiretroviral agent dideoxycytidine (dd) or vitamin B 6-abuse (Fig. 1). The only chiefly motor neuropathy among the cytostatics is caused by the recently used mab Ricin A, a new immunotoxin inducing demyelination (Fig. 1).


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