Experimental evidences of magnetic isotope effect

  • Kev M. Salikhov


This chapter deals with experimental data concerning MIE. It is not our aim to present all experimental results available. The most comprehensive studies of MIE were undertaken for the photolysis of dibenzyl ketone [15, 17, 20, 42, 51–53], as discussed in a review paper [6] and monograph [5] among others. The photolysis of DBK may serve as a model case to demonstrate the basic concepts and predictions of the MIE theory. Therefore, this chapter starts with the consideration of the photolysis of DBK. There are several main trends in the studies of MIE, as outlined throughout this chapter. MIE can be used as a way to determine the mechanism of chemical reactions. Some examples are described below. Quite intriguing is the possibility to use MIE for the separation of isotopes of heavy elements. This and several other potential applications are also presented in this chapter.


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