Theoretical description of magnetic isotope effect in the Earth’s magnetic field

  • Kev M. Salikhov


Chemical reactions usually take place in the Earth’s magnetic field which is about 5 · 10-5 T. The contribution of the Zeeman interaction of unpaired electrons with the Earth’s field to singlet-triplet evolution of shortlived RPs can be ignored with reasonable accuracy. Typically, the hfi in free radicals is an order of magnitude larger than the Zeeman interaction with the Earth’s field. By virtue of this argument the results obtained for zero field can be applied to the theoretical description of MIE in the Earth’s magnetic field. Thus, the Zeeman interaction of the RP’s unpaired electrons will be ignored throughout this chapter.


Triplet State Isotope Substitution Paramagnetic Relaxation Recombination Probability Magnetic Nucleus 
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