Mummies and ethics in the museum

  • Wilfried Seipel
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Part of the The Man in the Ice book series (3262, volume 3)


On 31. 10. 1848 the troops of Prince Alfred Windischgrätz, lying outside the city walls of Vienna, trained their artillery on the Inner City. In their attempt to restore law and order to the capital they also damaged large parts of the Imperial Castle. The most disastrous hits of all — as it turned out — were the ones that damaged the rooms in the attic of the Imperial Library on the Josefsplatz, where the zoological collection of the Imperial Family was stored. The artillery bombardment and the resulting fire destroyed many crates and boxes filled with ethnological exhibits. They also destroyed — and this is of particular interest in our context — the “Four representatives of humanity down to the last speck of dust” as a contemporary description put it.


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