A survey of Golgi anatomy

  • Facundo Valverde


The following account is a review of what the illustrations of the present atlas show and what they do not. A number of issues concerning particular anatomical details will be considered in relation to the interpretations and results obtained by other students. Reference will be made to some relevant reviews and key articles, but the analysis will be focused principally on observations made using Golgi methods in the rat and mouse. It is not intended to represent a comprehensive review of all structures and connections of the brain; some structures will be treated with certain extension, others will be briefly considered, while still others will only be mentioned. Reference to the work of Cajal (1911) will be made most frequently, as due homage to our master in the study of the brain with the Golgi method.


Superior Colliculus Inferior Colliculus Thalamic Nucleus Horizontal Section Frontal Section 
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