Commissural and Funicular Cells

  • Santiago Ramón y Cajal


Ventral commissural cells are certain elements of the spinal gray matter, with axons coursing ventrally, then crossing transversally the midline at the level of the white commissure, and continuing as fibers of the opposite ventral funiculus in the region that we have called the commissural fascicle. The connections of these cells were demonstrated originally by Golgi, and described in detail by ourselves, Kolliker, Van Gehuchten, Cl. Sala, Lenhossek and Retzius.


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    “There are cases”, he says, “where the ganglion cells become at the same time related to the lateral funiculus or to the dorsolateral or dorsal funiculus”. In another passage he adds: “The axon of some cells sends collaterals that join different funiculi of the white matter” (Golgi, 1890).Google Scholar
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    [The modified procedure consists of the injection of a concentrated solution of methylene blue in the blood vessels of an animal just sacrificed, fixation of the specimens in ammonium molybdate, hardening in platinic alcohol, etc.]Google Scholar


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    Fig. 136.—a, axons; b, collaterals of dorsal root fibers.Google Scholar
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    Fig. 137.—E, funicular cell of the ventral horn giving an ascending, a, and a descending, d, branch to the lateral funiculus; con, growth cone.Google Scholar
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    Fig. 138.—a, ascending branches; d, descending branches.Google Scholar

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