Professional Liability in Treatment

  • F. Postacchini
  • G. Martini


The physician’s liability for damages in conservative or surgical treatment may be postulated when the result of his/her activity is the persistence or aggravation of a pre-existing disease, or the onset of new symptoms. Two aspects need to be distinguished: lack of result and incorrect behavior. The lack of result consists in an incomplete resolution, persistence or reappearance with time, of the pathologic condition and/or the clinical impairment present prior to treatment. The lack may be due not only to the physician’s intervention, but also to numerous factors of a biological nature, which may cause complications for which the physician cannot be considered responsible. The error may be caused by an inadequate approach to the therapeutic problem due to failure to diagnose or improper diagnosis, incomplete execution of treatment, or inducement of lesions responsible for new clinical symptomatology.


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