Complications of Surgery

  • F. Postacchini
  • G. Cinotti


The incidence of surgical complications has been reported to range between 1.6% and 9.1%, in series in which more than 1500 cases have been analyzed (23, 100, 114, 137). The complications have a slightly higher incidence in women and increase in proportion to the patients age; in patients over 65 years old the complication rate is more than twofold compared with patients aged less than 40 years (23). The incidence of complications is significantly higher in reoperated patients (114), in those with lumbar stenosis and in patients submitted to spinal fusion (23). No difference in the complication rate has been reported between patients operated on by orthopaedic surgeons or neurosurgeons (100). The most frequent complications are: hemorrhages or hematoma infections (superficial or deep), dural sac or nerve-root injuries, cardio-pulmonary disturbances and urinary and gastrointestinal dysfunctions.


Vertebral Body Nerve Root Disc Herniation Arteriovenous Fistula Lumbar Disc 
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