• Arokia Nathan
  • Henry Baltes
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Microactuators are miniaturized output transducers which convert an electrical input signal into a non-electrical output signal in the radiant, magnetic, thermal, mechanical, or chemical domains [1, 2]. Integrated silicon microactuators are realized using integrated circuit (IC) micro-fabrication techniques coupled with application-specific thin film deposition and micromachining technologies [3–11]. Central to current research is microactuation in the mechanical domain. Mechanical microactuators are three-dimensional structures with physical dimensions ranging from micrometers to millimeters. Progress in the field is rapid with evolution of new thin film actuation materials [12–14] and proliferation of increasingly complex micromechanical systems. Mechanical microactuators are part of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), a field which has grown to encompass a broad family of micromachined sensors, actuators, and systems that exploit coupled electrical, mechanical, radiant, thermal, magnetic, and selected chemical effects [15, 16]. The simulation of mechanical microactuators is the topic of this chapter.


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