The Use of Radio Technologies in the Fieldbus Area -Using INTERBUS as an Example

  • Michael Peter


Until recently, data transmission by radio in the fieldbus area was inconceivable. The available radio technologies were too susceptible to interference, cumbersome, expensive and slow. However, new radio technologies such as DECT or the 2.4 GHz ISM band used in 802.11 offer promising new possibilities for fieldbus links which were only previously made possible using costly connection technology. This offers the user both straightforward installation and a higher degree of flexibility, without increased costs. Through the joint project supported by BMBF (German Federal Department of Education, Science, Research and Technology), “Wireless Fieldbuses in the Production Environment” (FUNBUS), and cooperation with the technical college FH-Lippe, initial experiences of using radio technologies on Interbus have been collated from various viewpoints and a product-related prototype has been developed for use on Interbus.


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