Eine Feldbusarchitektur mit realzeitfähiger Fehlerkorrektur

  • Thomas Erdner
Conference paper


This article describes a fieldbus architecture particularly designed for real-time applications in which the runtime performance cannot only be determined a priori, but also controlled during the entire process duration. Basically, it consists of a dual ring bus, in which two telegrams are transmitted on both channels in opposite directions, thus making delay measurements feasible. Even in the presence of strong disturbances on the transmission channel, the signal coding by a modified “Frequency Shift Keying” method enables the receivers to securely recognize the input signals. By additional Hamming encoding of the telegrams, in each receiver an error correction is possible without requiring repetition of transfer.


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  • Thomas Erdner
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  1. 1.FernUniversität Hagen Fachbereich ElektrotechnikHagenGermany

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