Neuropsychological sequelae of aneurysm surgery

  • B. O. Hütter


At present only few studies on the direct neuropsychological sequelae of operative measures and events in aneurysm surgery have been published. This shortcoming is all the more serious before the background that an increasing number of authors recently found no significant influence of different aneurysm locations on neuropsychological test performance (Hiitter and Gilsbach, 1996a; 1995a; 1992; Hiitter, Gilsbach and Kreitsch-mann, 1995; Tidswell et al., 1995; Satzger et al., 1995; Ogden, Mee and Henning, 1993a; DeLuca, 1993; 1992a;b; Richardson, 1991; 1989; DeLuca and Cicerone, 1991; Vilkki et al., 1989). Therefore, the surgical exclusion of a ruptured intracranial aneurysm as a possible cause of the observed neuropsychological abnormalities moves further into the foreground. Evidence for a potentially damaging effect of aneurysm surgery even under microneurosurgical conditions is provided by the study of Hornyak, Gilsbach and Harders (1991), who found that of the 23 patients in their consecutive series exhibiting postoperative infarcts, these could be attributed in 19 (83%) patients most probably to the surgical intervention. Prolonged temporary clipping as well as inadvertent damage to vessels or vascular occlusions, respectively, were named by the authors as possible causes (Hornyak, Gilsbach and Harders* 1991). These results imply that even modern microneurosurgical aneurysm surgery can be associated with an appreciable risk of damage to the patient.


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