Neuropsychological effects of aneurysm location

  • B. O. Hütter


For quite some time, the question of the existence of neuropsychological sequelae of the rupture of an intracranial aneurysm depending on its location has been discussed controversially among neuropsychologists (Hütter and Gilsbach, 1996a; 1992; DeLuca, 1993; 1992a;b; 1990; Irle et al., 1992a;b; DeLuca and Cicerone, 1991; Richardson, 1991; 1989; DeSantis, 1989; Larsson et al., 1989; Lindquist, 1975; Lindquist and Norlen, 1966). However, scientific interest has been focused mainly on the consequences of ruptured aneurysms of the ACoA. Therefore, only few investigations on the sequelae of ruptured aneurysms of other localization exist so far. Two different lines of thought can be found in the scientific literature on the question of the effects of aneurysm location. Some authors come to the opinion that there are specific neuropsychological consequences depending on aneurysm location (Irle et al., 1992a;b; Larsson et al., 1989; Lindquist, 1975; Lindquist and Norlen, 1966). Others again concur in the opinion that SAH leads to unspecific brain damage, that is for the greater part independent of the localization of the ruptured aneurysm (Hütter and Gilsbach, 1996a; 1992; Hiitter, Gilsbach and Kreitschmann, 1995; 1994; DeLuca, 1993; 1992a;b; 1990; Richardson, 1991; 1989; DeLuca and Cicerone, 1991). This view is supported by findings according to which there are no substantial differences between the neuropsychological impairments after aneurysm rupture or after spontaneous non-traumatic SAH without a proven source of the bleeding (Hiitter, Kreitschmann-Andermahr and Gilsbach, 1998; Hiitter, Gilsbach and Kreitschmann, 1994; Ogden, Levin and Mee, 1990; Sonesson et al., 1989). Moreover, in several studies not even specific neuropsychological effects of the side of the ruptured aneurysm (left versus right) occurred (Maurice-Williams, Willison and Hatfield, 1991; Larsson et al., 1989).


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