STARBRAIN and EUROBRAIN Starlab’s and Europe’s Artificial Brain Projects An Overview

  • Hugo de Garis
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This paper gives an overview of two research projects which aim to build artificial brains. The first is called STARBRAIN (an abbreviation of the words “Starlab”, the author’s research lab, and “Artificial Brain”). The STARBRAIN Project aims to use the newly constructed CAM-Brain Machine (CBM) to build an artificial brain of nearly 100 million artificial neurons to control the hundreds of behaviors of a cute life-sized robot kitten “Robokitty”. The second is EUROBRAIN, a larger scale more ambitious project at European level, which aims to conceive, design and build a 2nd generation brain building machine called BBM2 within 4 years which will be used to build an artificial brain of a billion neurons, based more closely on biological brain principles. A possible third project is also discsussed.


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